The Media Manager

The Media Manager is the perfect in business home entertainment center. The online platform combines professional options with proven ease of use and offers access to over a 100.000 songs and 20.000 video clips from absolute top artists. Clearly organized, constantly updated and always in perfect video and audio quality.

Intuitive controls
With the The Music Manager searching is finding. All tracks and clips are clearly categorized.

Clips a la casa
The Media Manager can be completely adjusted to your corporate identity. So clips a la casa!

Online monitoring
The platform is being externally monitored so that malfunctions can quickly be identified and solved.

Visual interaction
With advertising possibilities, foto integration and fluent ticker tape animations you inform, inspire and bond your visitors.

Features, features, features
Want to know more about the virtually endless possibilities? Contact us.

A little less

Perhaps you don't need all those features, or you don't use the video options. That is why VME also offers versions of the system that offer ¨a little less¨ in features and content.

The Media Manager - narrowcasting

You want a screen to communicate with your guests, but music videos don't fit the ambience desired by you?

The Music Manager

Are you looking for a simpeler solution? In that case The Music Manager is perfect for you. With The Music Manager you are able to manage your music online on your own computer.

Additional service


Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our society without WiFi. So Vision Music Entertainment has developed a module for that aswell.

With the WiFi module in combination with the Media Manager music computer we take care of this 'complicated' technique for you. That way you can offer a (secured) wireless network. A service appreciated by many.

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