AV projects

VME stands for reliable quality. We invest plentifully in that, for example by giving older recordings a fresh makeover so that images and sound are up to date. And by constantly supplementing our video clip database with music that is hip & happening. But the complete image and sound experience is of course dependent on more factors...

Impartial advice
What are the acoustics like at your location(s)? Which sound system offers sufficient oomph without becoming predominant? And which screen emplacement is ideal? Our enthusiastic AV professionals are happy to answer those question. Including honest - because impartial - advice on a cost efficient choice out of the large audio and video range.

Sounds perfect
From TOA and Apart till Bose; VME composes a sound system that fits the budget, target group and setting.

Looks Perfect
One screen? Multiple screens? And where to put them? We are eager to sketch the design!